Monday, December 19, 2016

Look out for the one

Hi there!

Sorry not so much time today but this week was pretty good!
Started out with a super fun family home evening with a new convert and another family in the ward. This is our family home evening activity, us making them play boys versus girls building marshmallow and spaghetti towers :) don't worry, there was a connection to a spiritual message :)

This week was honestly just a lot of tracting and street contacting, but we did find some people and that was great! The beginning of the week started out great but as the week went on we had some really long days of fall-out appointment after fall-out appointment and absolutely no one wanting to talk to us, let alone walk on the same sidewalk as us :)

The best though would have to be Sunday, when we had just gone through a solid chunk of tracting and no one was interested, or very nice, but then we did meet some nice people! I don't have time to go into detail about each person but it was really amazing as we were able to share the Christmas video with them (the new one from the church for Christmas this year) and bear testimony of Christ. One man, although he kept insisting that he wasn't religious, had tears in his eyes as he thanked us for our time and the work we do. As we walked away from that experience we said to ourselves, even if we have to go through 50 or 100 no's before the yes, the yes makes it all worth it!

One last thing. So this week my companion taught me this wonderful lesson. So the same Iranian new convert family in the ward saw the picture of our little Christmas tree on Sister Leonard's iPad and got excited and was asking where she got it. This will really be their first Christmas as christians, and in Austria. Sister Leonard had the idea of giving them our Christmas tree, which is pretty nice since that was a gift to her from someone else, but she really wanted to. So we did, but as we were getting ready to go and do some finding before our appointment with them, Sister Leonard kept insisting that we do a little more than give them a bare tree and wanted to go get them just a little pack of ornaments or something. But of course, me being me, kind of sighed about it and was only thinking about it cutting into our finding time. But we went and bought the stuff anyway, and I'm so happy we did. The little family was so happy as they got the tiny tree and could decorate it together and put it into their little one room apartment at home. I instantly repented and thanked Sister Leonard for reminding me to look out for the one, and not just be stuck on some missionary statistics. That was a great experience.

Have a merry Christmas! (And don't worry the members are taking care of us and will fatten us up well this week, for those that were asking...)

Our cute kitchen

Haha this is Raha, a little Iranian ball of energy, dressed up like Sister Leonard :)

So much sass.

This is Markus. So so cool. Has been a member a year now! And is seriously the best ward missionary I've ever met. We and all the other missionaries surprised him with some cake for his birthday last night.

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