Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Second week in Linz

Hey there!

Second week in Linz and things are going great. Don't have too much time to write today but one of our miracle days would have to be Wednesday. After some sushi in town with Klaus, we went to a bookstore to do our language study that we still hadn't done yet. I asked the lady across from me where she got her watch and that conversation led to us being able to teach the whole Restoration! Haha that was so great. I've never had something like that happen before but I'm so grateful that it did! The rest of the day was great as well, giving out a lot of Books of Mormon, even the Spanish one I spontaneously had put in my bag that morning! Plus, all of our planned appointments that day actually happened, which if you've ever been a missionary, you know is a downright miracle haha

The next day was a bit tougher, pouring rain all day, talking to people all day, and finding no one.  But that's just how it is sometimes! 

Linz is great and Sister Leonard and I have high expectations for this transfer. We already have seen so many miracles! 

Thanks for all the prayers  :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Very expensive but very worth it Linztorte in the oldest bakery in Linz

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