Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Almost done with the MTC!

The highlight of this week was most definitely General Conference. Wasn't it great?! It was fun to think about how I was watching it at the same time as all my friends and family everywhere in the world. Picturing Mom in the kitchen finishing cooking some bread pudding, Andreas sneaking his phone behind a pillow and Grandma nodding off, hahaha.
I loved conference here though. I don't think I've ever been awake for all 5 sessions before! Sister Pugh was so funny, with every single song they announced she started bouncing up and down in her seat saying, Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!! How did they know!? THIS IS MY FAVORITE HYMN. OH MY GOODNESS.  Hahaha she's so funny. She's most definitely going to be in the Mormon Tabernacle choir someday.

I was also very pleased to hear the announcement that German is the official celestial language. Haha actually the sad part is, most of us in my district didn't even understand what President Uchtdorf said in German.

Other than that there were a lot of new missionaries that came in this week! There are 4 German speakers so we have fun attempting to converse with them in German even though they all speak perfect English.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm so happy to be here, and still am learning so much. I've made some wonderful friends here that I hope I will stay in contact with. I've been so blessed. We all are so blessed, it's really amazing to me. No matter how much we try to sacrifice or give to the Lord, it's always returned back to us, far more than we gave or deserve.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Gines kissing the lucky (cadburry) egg

Notes from the ESL district hahaha

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