Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Just another normal week at the MTC! Today was really great though! We got to go on a church history tour around here this morning! We passed by the River Ripple where the first saints were baptized in England and also President Hinckley's first house where he was staying when he served his mission here. And a couple other places where missionary work started here. Really cool! It's also really nice to actually SEE England haha. 

Other than that, more studying and learning and growing up! We teach investigators every week. It's been difficult but definitely getting better! It's kind of funny though because the investigators are our teachers, and they just throw on hoodies or put their hair up in a funny way. But they definitely take their roles very seriously. Thankfully though they speak quite slowly for us so we understand. Haha. There is one part-time teacher who's actually from Berlin and I think on top of that he has a lisp and slurs his words like crazy so we always let out the biggest sigh when we knock on the door and he's the investigator waiting for us hahaha. 

That's all for today! We don't have very much time for emailing. 
Thank you for all the emails and support. It's funny, you go a whole week sort of feeling alone in the world (not in a sad way, just an independent sort of way?), and then you open up your email on Tuesday and are reminded that so many people are thinking about and praying for you! Thank you thank you. Have a great week!

-Sister Lehmann

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