Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi there!

Wow it feels like forever since I've last emailed! I don't even know where to start...
The last week in the MTC was good! I have some pcitures but forgot my camera cord so that'll have to wait till next week.

We had to wake up Tuesday morning at 2:45 to make it to the airport in Manchester. All the Alpine missionaries had to wait 5 hours for our flight haha. I started talking to a guy there. It was pretty cool but also made me feel so small and young haha. It kind of ended with him telling us that he had to go but he'd love to talk to us AFTER our missions (when we have actually seen the world and know what we're talking about). He left us his card. Turns out he was a professor and had a PhD haha oh man glad I didn't know that before we talked to him.

We landed in Munich and saw the AP's and the Kholer

s there. I love President and Sister Kholer. They are amazing!!

We did some finding (for the first time in German!) and that was alright haha... Like this first person I got the courage to talk to, I complimented her on her phone case and when she turned it around it was a vodka bottle phone case and suddenly we had to get off the train hahaha wow imma be one good missionary...

We got to eat dinner at the Kholer's house and stay the night there since the group of missionaries coming in was so small (just 4 of us). That's when I found out my first area and companion! The next day was spent on the train and now here I am! Solothurn is beautiful. (I think president told you I was in Aurau but that is false I don't know why he said that) I dare say prettier than Geneva. Imagine rolling Swiss country and little towns and cities every so often. (It's in the Bern zone)

The ward members here are super great and a lot of them speak French and English which is nice!
These last couple days have been spent doing a lot of training, meeting investigators, and finding. 
My companion is Sister Tauche. She's German! I love her so much, she is so patient with me and we have fun. She's been on her mission since December so not too long either!
That's pretty much it! I'm really so happy here. It's new and uncomfortable in a lot of ways of course, but it just feels so wonderful to work hard on a cause that I know is so important. There is truly no more important work I could be doing right now than this. I'm so happy to be here! (Plus it's raining and it's so pretty :) ) it's incredible. You know how the scriptures say that we are temples? I've never understood that until now. But I really do feel like a walking temple. The spirit is just always there with me. What a blessing.

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for all the wonderful emails. So grateful for all of you.

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