Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Oh my goodness I'm so excited that I get to write you! Not that I've been doting on that all week, don't you worry. We're seriously sooo busy there is absolutely no time to mope or think about family or home which I'm super grateful for. But yeah, learning a language is crazy busy work but it's been really great. I've learned so much this week and felt a lot too. Sort of an emotional rollar caoster of what-did-I-just-sign-myself-up-for/this-is-amazing-and-I-never-want-to-go-home. Haha

Preston is great. They made comparisons from this MTC Provo. We're quality and they're quantity. Or this one was great: we're like the cute cared for country chicken farm and Provo are like those really unethical chicken warehouse farms. Hahaha no offense. But yeah there have only been 14 of us here this week! One district learning English and the other German. So many cool international people here I love it. 

A couple other cool things about the MTC... our mission president, President Preston (haha I was pretty confuse why everyone was calling him that at first) is so funny and nice. Just the funniest old English gent with one tooth that juts quite a ways out infront of all his other teeth, smack dab in the middle. I'll try to take a picture of it.

My companion is super great too! She's from a small town in Washington. As in 2,000 people in her town small. She's super spunky and loves to talk, and as a result, hates the German language casue it won't let her talk as much as she'd like haha. We get along super well together! I also love the other girls in my district. We laugh a lot. But don't worry, we work hard too :)

Well that's all! Hope you are doing wonderfully. I just wanted to say how much I just know this church is true. I mean, I knew it before, but now I know it more than ever. It just kind of hit me the other day and I felt like jumping up the other day and saying, Hold up, Hold up. Guys!! Everyone! This is ACTUALLY the RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!! Do you know that this means?! Oh my goodness! Haha I'm not capturing the way I feel inside very well, but just know that I KNOW it's true and that is just so amazing to me.


Sister Lehmann

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